Wae rebo Tour 2 Day 1 Night Private and Sharing

Wae Rebo Tour

Wae rebo Tour 2 Day 1 Night Private and Sharing Visit The Traditional Village Wae Rebo Tours are available every day with no minimum number of participants. 1 person can join the Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night sharing trip: Only Rp. 1.400.000/ Pax – (Private / Sharing Trip) – With Jemari Bali Komodo Tour

Satisfied with a water tour trip visiting beautiful destinations on Komodo Island, it’s good to continue your journey to a different world, namely the Traditional Village of Wae Rebo, which is often also called the Village above the Clouds.

This 2-day 1-night tour is packaged at an affordable price and travel together with other guests.

Take advantage of this sharing trip by adding new friends and exotic experiences to see the traditional life of Wae Rebo residents who still uphold their customs.

The village with an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level makes your journey to get there will go through exciting adventures and exciting trips.

Our advice is to make sure your body is in a fit condition and be more careful in climbing the road which is still full of dirt.

But all will pay off with the beauty of Wae Rebo village, and the sensation of staying overnight in one of the traditional houses of Wae Rebo village, will give you a different experience.

Itenerary Wae Rebo Tour 2 Day 1 Night Private Or Sharing


DAY 1 : Labuan Bajo – Denge -Waerebo (Lunch & Dinner)

Welcome to Labuan Bajo 😊 Thank you for reading our tour itenarary.

In the morning at 08.00 WITA. You will be picked up at the Meeting Point (Labuan Bajo Hotel). We will immediately leave for Wae Rebo. Upon arrival we will take a short break in Denge Village then you will start walking for approximately 2 hours to arrive at the Wae Rebo village accompanied by a Tour Guide and Porter.Upon arrival you will follow the procession of permission to live in a traditional village by the tribal chief and you will be given Wae Rebo Coffee. Free program to relax and interact with the residents. Dinner together with Traditional Wae Rebo menu and free program.

waerebo tour 2 day 1 night
Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night
wae rebo tour
Traditional Village Wae Rebo
Wae Rebo village women cooking for dinner
Wae Rebo village women cooking for dinner
Dinner at Wae Rebo
Dinner at Wae Rebo


DAY 2 : Waerebo – Denge – Labuan Bajo (Breakfast & Lunch)

After drinking morning coffee, you can capture photos of sunrise and local residents, mingle and then have breakfast until it’s time to leave Wae Rebo. Then return to depart for Denge Village. Afterwards you will be invited to visit the Spider Web Rice Field. If interested and time permits, you can also visit Todo Village by submitting it directly to our driver at no additional cost. Except for paying entrance tickets can be paid individually. Until the time you will be escorted back to the Drop Point (Labuan Bajo Hotel).

Wae rebo trip 2 Day 1 Night
Wae rebo tour
Wae rebo Tour
Wae rebo tour
Wae rebo Tour
Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night

FYI : You can choose between private or shared tours. The only difference is the car used. While in Waerebo you will sleep and do activities with other guests.

Cost Wae Rebo Tour 2 Day 1 Night

Price for Private Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night

Number of ParticipantsPriceDescription
2 PaxRp. 2.250.000/ PaxPrivate 1 Car
3 PaxRp. 1.750.000/PaxPrivate 1 Car
4 PaxRp. 1.550.000/PaxPrivate 1 Car
5 PaxRp. 1.400.000/PaxPrivate 1 Car
6 PaxCall UsPrivate 2 Car
7 Pax – Group Call UsPrivate 2 Car
Prices are subject to change without notice. This adjusts if there is an increase in fuel prices, entrance tickets and others.

Price for Sharing Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night

Number of ParticipantsPriceDescription
1 PaxRp. 1.750.000/ PaxSharing Car
2 or more Rp. 1.650.000/PaxSharing Car
Prices are subject to change without notice. This adjusts if there is an increase in fuel prices, entrance tickets and others.

Package Includes and Excludes : Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night

Includes :

  • Private / Sharing Car
  • Driver & Fuel
  • Lodging at the Wae Rebo Traditional House (Mbaru Niang) for 1 night
  • Customary retribution fee (Waelu’u)
  • Spiderrice attraction entrance ticket
  • 1x Breakfast
  • 2x Lunch
  • 1x Dinner
  • Mineral Water
  • Friendly and professional drivers
  • Local Tour Guide and Porter
  • Taxi Motor / in Denge Round Trip

Excludes :

  • Hotel at Labuan Bajo
  • Flight Ticket
  • Other personal expenses.
  • Tipping (Optional)
  • Insurance

What To Bring:

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Change of Clothes
  • Towel
  • Powebank
  • Wet Tissue
  • Personal Medicine
  • Cellphone/Camera for Photos
  • Drybag
  • Comfortable shoes


Is the Price Nett?

Yes. 🙂

What is the minimum number of trip participants?

1 Pax For Sharing Trip & 2 Pax For Private

This tour includes airfare and hotel ?

Sorry, Not Include.
For flight tickets you can check at Booking.com and for hotels you can check availability at Agoda.com

Is down payment required for this tour?

Of course.
Why is it necessary? Because to ensure that you are serious about taking this tour package and ensure booking your vehicle and tickets on the date you want.
For Down Payment amount please contact us.

How much time was spent on this Tour?

2 Days

Can I customize my tour?


How is the trekking trail?

Day 1 :

The hike took approximately two hours and the terrain was quite tough. Make sure your body condition is fit and healthy

Day 2 :

The return trip is lighter because of the downhill. but make sure you stay alert especially during the rainy season.

Is there snorkeling activity?


Does this tour include insurance?

Sorry, there is no insurance for this tour.
You can order Tour insurance to Heymondo.com during your vacation in Labuan Bajo.

Do you provide other tour packages besides this?

Of course yes.
You can view all our packages by clicking on the following link: Komodo Tour Package

Tips for a Memorable Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night

Waerebo Village
Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night
Wae Rebo Tour
Wae Rebo Trip 2 Day 1 Night Driver

  1. Plan your trip during the dry season (Maret to December) to ensure optimal weather conditions.
  2. Stay hydrated and carry a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  3. Respect the local culture and traditions of the communities you encounter during your tour.
  4. Book your tour with a reputable travel agency to ensure a safe and well-organized experience.
  5. Pack light and carry essential items such as a camera, binoculars, and a waterproof bag.
  6. Respect the wildlife and follow the guidance of your tour guides.

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