11 Things you need to know before getting a Massage Bali

massage in Bali

All the things you need to know before booking a massage Bali, this is a guide for you not to be disappointed after booking a massage. After a long airplane ride from your home country, getting a massage is the best way to get your body back in shape. There are so many massages in […]

3 Top & Best Bali Massage Include Price

Bali Massage

If you are looking for Bali Massage, then we will unravel 3 of the best and affordable Massage Home Service Bali providers. Massage and Spa in Bali has transformed into one of the tourist destinations in Bali. A lot of tourists both local and foreign include Spa or Massage sessions in the list of tourist […]

Pregnant Women Can Get a Massage?

pregnant women can get a massage

Many mothers often ask whether pregnant women can get a massage. Various body changes during pregnancy will impact the discomfort in pregnant women, such as soreness in the abdominal area and back. If this is the case, a light massage feels tempting to do. So, is massage for pregnant women allowed and safe to do? […]

Four Hand Massage Bali, have you ever tried it?

Four Hand Massage Bali

Some of you have never tried even the term Four Hand Massage. Not infrequently, some guests of Jemari Bali ask for an explanation of this type of massage. There are even some foreign and local guests who think this is one type of sensual massage and leads to sensitive things. After we provided information about […]

7 Sensual Massage Points to Stimulate Couples

Sensual Massage Points

One of the secrets of a harmonious relationship is the quality of Sex, and understanding the sensual massage points to stimulate your partner can be a way to improve the quality of your Sex with your partner. There are actually many ways to improve the quality of your intimate relationship with your partner, and this […]

Tantra Massage and Why We Should Try It

Tantric Sex and Why We Should Try It

Do you know what Tantric Sex or Tantra Massage is? Maybe some of you have heard of it but don’t understand what it means, or you don’t even know that this type of massage exists.  If you read the name Tantric Sex at first glance, of course, your mind will be directed towards intercourse.  What […]

Most Wanted : Gay Massage Bali

Most Wanted Gay Massage Bali

Did you know that Gay Massage Bali is one of the most searched keywords on the Google search engine? And Jemari Bali receives chats or calls from guests almost daily asking whether it provides Gay Massage Home Service Bali. We were initially confused by the question, as we were not familiar with the definition of […]

6 Massage Points on the Foot That Can Relieve All Your Illness Complaints

6 Massage Points on the Foot to Relieve Various Ailments

This time, Jemari Bali wants to discuss 6 Massage Points on the Foot derived from traditional Chinese medicine that can help relieve complaints of diseases that are experienced. Let’s see what the list of diseases that can be relieved by just doing a simple foot massage and recognising the massage points. If you feel your […]

Airport Transfer Bali Free Local Sim Card, Cheaper Price than Bali Airport Taxi

Airport Transfer Bali By Jemari

Airport Transfer Bali is the solution for those of you who come and vacation on the island of Bali, you certainly don’t need to bother to bargain with Bali airport Taxi. With the convenience offered you can book Aiport Transfer Bali well in advance of your arrival at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. For those […]

Best Baby And Mom Massage Bali That You Can Try

Baby and Mom Massage Bali

Are you currently looking for information about the best baby and mom massage Bali which will give you many benefits? If yes, then the discussion we have prepared below could be the answer to your question. When a mother has a baby, she is required to work harder in caring for and giving the best […]