Four Hand Massage Bali, have you ever tried it?

Four Hand Massage Bali

Some of you have never tried even the term Four Hand Massage.

Not infrequently, some guests of Jemari Bali ask for an explanation of this type of massage.

There are even some foreign and local guests who think this is one type of sensual massage and leads to sensitive things.

After we provided information about the Four Hand Massage, they understood this type of massage.
Let’s discuss what Four Hand Massage is and what distinguishes it from other types of massage?

Also, we will explain why, when on vacation to Bali, you should try Four Hand Massage Bali.

What is Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage
Four Hand Massage Bali

Four Hand Massage is a type of massage performed or done by two therapists simultaneously to one guest.

The massage combines techniques such as Shiatsu, Thai, Deep tissue, and traditional Balinese or Javanese massage.

The massage area is carried out throughout the guest’s body, from the feet to the head.

However, it should be noted it is challenging to do this type of massage because it requires harmonization between the two therapists.

With harmony, a person who does Four Hand Massage must be able to feel that one person does this massage but has four hands.

Both therapists must have cohesiveness in terms of massage pressure and rhythm so that there is no difference in the pressure and hand movements of the two therapists.

Advantages of Four Hand Massage

For those of you who want to feel the sensation of four hands moving on your body with the same movement and pressure, it’s worth trying this type of massage.

For example, one therapist will give a massage on the left calf, and then another therapist will give a massage on the right calf.

Or one person on the upper part of the body, the other will give on the lower part, and so on.

You will usually feel curious about what the two therapists are doing at the beginning of the massage session.

Sometimes, you will even find yourself keeping track of where the therapists are and what Therapist A or Therapist B is doing.

This will be on your mind for the first 10 minutes of the massage session.

But let the skilled therapists do their job; you need to feel every second of comfort.

Four Hand Massage Bali

Who is Four Hand Massage for?

The four hand massage may not be for everyone, especially those who feel tingly when touched.

However, this massage offers a different sensation from the usual massage in general.

Because two people do it, the results for relaxation become double.

Suitable for those who like traveling because of jetlag and insomnia, it is recommended for those who don’t have much time but want to get a maximum massage.

One hour of four hand massage is equal to two hours done by one person.

Benefits of Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage Bali
Four Hand Massage Bali
  1. Provides Relaxation Effect
    You will benefit from a relaxing effect on your mind and body.
    Of course, someone will obtain relaxation more than the usual massage method, which only utilizes one therapist.
  2. Relieves Stress
    In addition to relaxation, the benefits you can feel are relieving stress and excessive anxiety. Four hand massage is highly recommended if you are experiencing stress due to busy work or activities.
  3. Soothes Stiff Muscles
    Four Hand Massage is very appropriate to be able to calm your muscles that are stiff due to activities and work. You can ask both therapists to perform different massage techniques during the massage session.
    Suppose one therapist does the Deep Tissue technique and another does the traditional Balinese massage technique. So that both massage techniques at the same time will provide maximum results for your Four Hand Massage session.
  4. Improve Blood Circulation
    When both therapists perform coordinated hand movements, they apply the same pressure, which has been calculated and adjusted to your wishes.
    That way, your Four Hand Massage session will be optimized and beneficial to help improve your blood circulation throughout the body. This makes the distribution of oxygen in your blood will be spread evenly.
    Of course, the impact on your body will feel fit and fresh.

Four Hand Massage Bali

Many massage providers in Bali offer Four Hand Massage Bali, from spas to massage parlors.

You can inquire directly by phone or chat to your favorite spa or massage parlor, or recommendations you get from Google.

Jemari Bali provides Four Hands Massage Bali, but our specialty is Home Service Massage or Massage call to your hotel or Villa in Bali.

So if you want Four Hands Massage Bali wherever you are on the island of Bali and whenever you need it, Jemari Bali’s skilled therapists are ready to come to your location in Bali for 24 hours.

We provide Four Hand Massage with two male or female therapists, or you can request one female and one male therapist.

Price of Four Hand Massage Bali at Jemari

For the price of Four Hand Massage Bali is of course much more expensive than other types of massage, because two therapists at once handle you.

Here is the price of our Four Hand Massage Home Service Bali:

Service60 Minutes90 Minutes
Four Hand Massage BaliRp. 500.000Rp. 700.000
Price is only for Massage On Call Bali – includes therapist’s transportation. Book: +62811281407
  • We recommend that you make a reservation in advance because this massage requires two therapists and will be selected by a therapist pair suitable for the harmony of movement, rhythm, and pressure.
  • Before doing any other massage, before and after doing this massage, it is recommended to drink enough water.
  • Any massage should not cause pain; if any part of the body feels painful or tingly, tell the therapist who is doing it during the massage process.
    Do not hesitate to contact Jemari Bali 24 Jam if you need Four Hand Massage Bali, or you can choose other types of on-call massage that we offer.
    It’s a pleasure to serve and assist you while in Bali.
Four Hand Massage Bali
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