Airport Transfer Bali Free Local Sim Card, Cheaper Price than Bali Airport Taxi

Airport Transfer Bali By Jemari

Airport Transfer Bali is the solution for those of you who come and vacation on the island of Bali, you certainly don’t need to bother to bargain with Bali airport Taxi. With the convenience offered you can book Aiport Transfer Bali well in advance of your arrival at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport.

For those of you who are new to Bali, of course you don’t want the beginning of your arrival on the island of Bali to be faced with a bad feeling because you are confused about what Bali airport transportation is suitable to take you to your hotel. Not to mention you will be faced with many offers from various Bali airport taxi service providers with prices that of course vary and sometimes do not make sense.

If you are reading this article, you are in the right place. Our advice is to book your Bali Airport Taxi Transfer in advance or while still in your home country. This will give you a clear idea of the correct rates that won’t break the bank.

Airport Transfer Bali
Airport Transfer Bali

Our Airport Transfer Bali Vs. Bali Airport Taxi Vs. Airport Transfer Bali Via App

Here we don’t want to demonize one of the Airport Transfer Bali services, basically all of them provide good and reliable services. The only difference is the price offered.

For example, if you arrive in Bali without booking one of the Airport Transfer Bali service providers, then you will be faced with a variety of prices which in our opinion are quite expensive. If your hotel is in the Canggu area you will find prices offered in the range of Rp. 350,000 – Rp. 550,000 / one way or if converted in dollars around $23 – $35 usd.

Not bad for a distance that is not too far from the airport. 😊

The price range is not much different you will find if you book through well-known travel applications or websites such as booking, agoda or and others. Let’s check the price from one of the well-known travel websites for Airport Transfer Bali from Ngurah Rai to the Canggu area you will be offered at a price of Rp. 320,000 or approximately USD $21.

In our opinion the price given is still too high for one drop from the airport to the Canggu area.

Now let’s compare the price with Airport Transfer Bali Online purchase via local website. Let’s take for example our Bali airport taxi service (Jemari Bali), for one drop from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) to your hotel in the Canggu area you only need to pay for a capacity of 4 people is Rp. 190,000 / one way or if converted approximately usd $ 12. The car we use is also the same, the capacity of the car is 6 pax complete with air conditioning.

Can you see the price difference for Airport transfer Bali?

Of course, there are many factors that make up this price difference, from the cost of renting a stand at the airport, or the cost of maintenance and employee salaries at large websites. We think this is normal. Now it’s up to you to choose the service that suits your needs.

Price List Airport Transfer Bali By Jemari Include Free Local SIM Card

Airport Transfer Bali By Jemari Include Free Local SIM Card
Airport Transfer Bali By Jemari Include Free Local SIM Card

We provide private Airport Transfer Bali services 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to worry about your arrival time in Bali. Our fleet of cars is quite large, and able to serve your needs.

The prices that Jemari Bali offers are also affordable and fair, there are no additional costs beyond the offer we provide. Our drivers are able to speak English, although not fluent but can understand your needs.

Not only that, Jemari Bali also cares about your needs regarding internet connection and communication during your vacation on the island of Bali, so the price we provide is included with a Free 1 Local Sim Card without internet data.

Here is the price quote for Aiport Transfer Bali Free 1 Local Simcard, Cheaper Price than Bali Airpot Taxi:

NoFrom Airport ToPrice Include Free 1 Local Sim CardAdd 12 GB data for 30 Days + ActivationMaximum Number of Passengers
1Tuban / Kuta / Legian / Jimbaran AreaRp. 90.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
2Nusadua / Seminyak / Sanur / Benoa AreaRp. 150.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
3Kerobokan / Batu Belig / Umalas / Sawangan / Ungasan AreaRp. 170.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
4Uluwatu / Denpasar AreaRp. 190.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
5Canggu AreaRp. 200.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
6Ubud Center / Tabanan Center / Tanah Lot AreaRp. 240.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
8Kerambitan / Payangan / Tegal Lalang / Gianyar AreaRp. 290.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
9Padang Bay / Candi Dasa AreaRp. 350.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
10Bedugul / Kintamani / Selemadeg / Medewi AreaRp. 400.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
11Singaraja City / Karangasem / Negara City / Lovina Rp. 550.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
12Gilimanuk / Pulaki / Amed / Pemuteran / Tulamben / East Buleleng AreaRp. 650.000+ Rp. 155.0004 Pax
Free local sim card is not active if you want to activate make sure you add 12 gb Internet data package for 30 days validity. Price applies vice versa: from your Hotel to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Include :

  • Driver, Car and Fuel
  • Private Service Car
  • Car with air conditioning
  • Free 1 Local SIM Card
  • Paging Board
  • Luggage allowance
Bali Airport Taxi

Exclude :

  • Parking fees at airports (Rp.10.000 /Hour)
  • Toll Fee (If you enter the Toll Road)
  • Tipping (Optional)
  • 12 GB Data Internet (Add ons)
  • Hotel Parking Fee if applicable
  • Additional fee for 1 stop (Rp. 25.000 / cash to driver)
  • Excess luggage charges (where applicable)

You can choose whether you want a free local sim card or an additional 30 days of Internet data. The offer we give you is the best and certainly attractive, because you do not need to buy a Local Sim Card which can cost up to approximately Rp. 350,000 – 400.000 with Internet data.

FYI: If you book a Bali Airport Taxi with us, you will be given 1 free Local Sim card that has not been activated, but if you want to activate it, you only need to add the Internet Data option. Free local sim card is only given when you book airport transfer bali to your hotel. if you book otherwise then there is no free sim card.

If you need an additional local sim card, you can buy it from us for Rp. 155,000 / Simcard complete with 12Gb internet data for 30 Days active period.

Likewise, if you need additional internet data we sell it for Rp. 75,000 for a 12GB service valid for 7 days (This service only applies to our customers who receive a free local sim card).

Vehicles Used for Airport Transfer Bali

Bali Airport Taxi
Airport Transfer Bali

For the prices we provide above using Cayla, Sigra, Avanza, and Xenia type cars that have a capacity of 6 people. However, the price we give 1 car is a maximum of 4 people because the back of the car is used to put your luggage.

We also provide various types of large to luxury vehicles such as Hiace, Elf, and Bus to Alphard that can accommodate more passengers. If you need these vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us about the prices offered.

Frequently Asked Questions Airport Transfer Bali

How to Book Airport Transfer Bali by Jemari Bali

You can contact us via Chat or call us at +62811281407 / +6281286978907

Then we will ask you to fill in the Booking Format as below:

Phone / WhatsApp number:
Date of Arrival:
Arrival Time:
Airline Name:
Flight Number:
Country of Origin:
Destination hotel/address:
Free Local Sim Card : Yes / No
Add Internet Data 12Gb For 30 Days : Yes / No
Payment System: Transfer / Paypal / Cash (Choose one)

If it has been confirmed by our team, then we will send you a payment invoice. You can pay the bill via bank transfer or Paypal (Credit Card).

Or if you choose to pay in cash, then payment is made when you arrive at your destination and given directly to our driver.

The day before arrival, we will inform the name and phone number of the driver who will pick you up at Bali Airport.

Our team is ready 24 hours to answer and confirm your booking.

Where will you pick me up?

Our team will pick you up at the International or Domestic arrival exit of Ngurah Rai Airport.

Driver will be waiting for you in the airport exit hall area, holding a sign with your name on it. When you meet your driver, you’ll be assisted with your luggage, escorted to your vehicle, and helped with currency exchange if necessary.

What if my plane is delayed?

If there is a change in your flight departure from your home country, it is highly recommended that you provide us with information regarding the schedule change.

This is so that we can arrange the pick-up schedule, so as not to disrupt the driver arrangement and pick-up time for other guests.

Your cooperation in informing us of any changes to your arrival schedule in Bali is highly appreciated, as it will help us to ensure your convenience in using our services.

How long will the driver wait for me to exit the arrival gate?

We make sure that you are our priority.

However, there is a strict time limit that we apply which is approximately 3 hours our team waits for you to leave the Bali airport arrival door. This counts from the time your plane lands in Bali, if within that time you do not come out and do not provide updated information, we assume you cancel your order.

Is there anything I need to know before ordering Bali Airport Taxi ?
  • Please be aware that there will be additional charges for oversized and over-capacity baggage.
  • For convenience, we do not accept passengers with pets.
  • Since the car uses air conditioning, smoking is not recommended.
  • Please confirm with us if you are taking the Free Local SIM card so the driver can bring it and give it to you at pick-up. Without confirmation, we will assume you are not interested.
  • Similarly, if you want to add Internet Data to your SIM card, please confirm in advance so that we can activate your SIM card and internet data.
  • It is highly recommended to book airpot transfer bali well in advance of your arrival. However we do accept bookings one day in advance or when you are already in Bali, provided schedules and fleets are available.
  • Make sure the Hotel / Villa or address you will go to in Bali is clear; this is to make it easier for our drivers to deliver to you.
  • You are expected to pay attention and calculate the exact number of items or luggage you are carrying. This avoids items being left behind in the car.

Conclusion Bali Airport Taxi

Experience a completely relaxing start to your Bali visit with a private 1-way airport transfer Bali service.

Your personal driver will pick you up at Ngurah Rai Airport and drive you directly to your hotel on the island or vice versa. Avoid wasting time searching for a taxi at the airport.

If coming from the airport, your personal driver will be waiting for you in the airport exit hall area, holding a sign with your name on it. If going to the airport, your driver will pickup you up directly from your address in Bali.

When you meet your driver, you’ll be assisted with your luggage, escorted to your vehicle, and helped with currency exchange if necessary.

airport Transfer Bali

Vehicles have a capacity of up to 6 passengers and are less expensive than Bali Airport Taxi. This service operates on a 24-hour schedule so that you can travel safely to your destination at any time of day or night.

Provide Private Transfer service to all destination in Bali like Kuta,Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Denpasar, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Padang Bai and other favourite destination.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Bali Airport Taxi. Our team is ready to help and reply to your chat 24 hours.

We are proud to serve you when you arrive in Bali and wish you a pleasant vacation plan.

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