7 Sensual Massage Points to Stimulate Couples

Sensual Massage Points

One of the secrets of a harmonious relationship is the quality of Sex, and understanding the sensual massage points to stimulate your partner can be a way to improve the quality of your Sex with your partner.

There are actually many ways to improve the quality of your intimate relationship with your partner, and this time, we invite you to use massage as a way to increase your partner’s passion so that your relationship becomes more passionate.

Not only can sensual massage stimulate your partner, but it can also relax your partner, according to Steve McGough, a professor of clinical sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and director of research and development at Women and Couples Wellness,

In addition, massage also helps reduce stress hormones that lead to low libido.

A scientific study and research says that massaging your partner can stimulate the growth of oxytocin and serotonin hormones.

Both hormones can increase sexual satisfaction in married couples, as quoted in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Sensual Massage Points

Get to know the sensual massage points that can arouse you and your partner.

To get the right stimulation, you and your partner need to pay attention to several points on your partner’s body to make the massage more sensational.

Here are 7 sensual massage points from a New York City acupuncturist and author of Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido, Jill Blakeway and sex expert Ava Cadell, PhD.


Front of the Neck
The human neck contains the Thyroid gland, which is useful for regulating body functions, one of which is Sexual Arousal.

Start by tracing a circle around Dad’s Adam’s apple using Mom’s fingertips.

Make gentle movements and continue by kissing your partner’s neck.
Continue massaging your partner’s neck with your tongue to make things even hotter!

Sensual Massage Points


Gently press your partner’s temples with two fingers of each hand simultaneously for a few seconds.

Then, place the fingers on the cheeks and make small circular movements slowly.

When the hand reaches the partner’s jaw, gently touch the lips with one index finger.

There are many sensory neurons on the outer edge of the lips so that this massage will cause a delicious sensation.

7 sensual massage points


Gently touch and pull your partner’s earlobe with your thumb and forefinger.

Do it at the same time as kissing the outside of the ear using the tongue.

If it feels too tingly, adjust the rhythm and intensity of the massage.

7 sensual massage points


Gently massage the inside of your partner’s palm.

Grasp your partner’s palm and massage the centre of his palm, which is a sensitive area.

You can also direct the massage up and down the pinky tip for a more sensual sensation.

7 sensual massage points


Lower Back
Acupuncturists believe that the kidneys located in the lower back are the source of sexual energy.

In the lower back, there is a sacrum, which is a flat triangular bone located in the spine between the two hips.

Gently massage this area to produce a warm feeling on the skin. Direct the massage upwards while increasing the pressure.

7 sensual massage points


Back of the Knee
The skin behind the knee is very thin and full of very sensitive nerve endings.

Have your partner lie on their stomach, then gently massage the back of their knees using your fingers.

Continue by massaging it with your tongue for sensational sexual stimulation.

7 sensual massage points


Moms and dads can massage the hollows under the ankles with their thumbs and index fingers.

Then, proceed to massage the soles of the feet gently. Step up the game by kissing the feet for more intense stimulation.

Those are some sensual massage spots for husband and wife that can be practised to increase sexual satisfaction.

To add a sensual sensation, you can use massage oil when massaging.

7 sensual massage points
Tantra Massage

Conclusion Sensual Massage Points

That was the explanation of 7 sensual massage points to stimulate your partner, don’t just read it but try it 😊

Don’t just rely on the sensual massage points we described above, you also have to actively look for which points are the best spots for your partner.

Because generally every human being has different points of stimulation. And your job is to find and recognize where your partner’s sensual massage points are.

Besides that, you and your partner can also try other things to improve the quality of sex, namely Tantra Massage.

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We have decades of experience in the field and officially certified therapists who are able to help you and your partner’s complaints.

Happy Trying 7 Sensual Massage Points.

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