Tantra Massage and Why We Should Try It

Tantric Sex and Why We Should Try It

Do you know what Tantric Sex or Tantra Massage is? Maybe some of you have heard of it but don’t understand what it means, or you don’t even know that this type of massage exists. 

If you read the name Tantric Sex at first glance, of course, your mind will be directed towards intercourse. 

What you think is not wrong, but the essence of Tantra massage itself is not only about sex and orgasm. 

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantric Massage is a type of massage that is done to increase libido or sexual desire. 

Tantra massage has a different technique from massage in general because it involves your entire body, especially your intimate area. 

It aims to strengthen intimacy and increase your sexual pleasure with your partner.

Tantra means ‘liberate’, ‘show’, and ‘enhance’, according to Indian culture.

Sex is considered a way to communicate rai,se awareness, and demonstrate the polarity of male and female.

Tantra Massage
Tantra Massage

Why should you try Tantric Massage?

Yes! You should try it because doing Tantric Massage or Tantric Sex will give you a different sensation and improve the quality of your sex together with your partner.

Trying Tantric will make you feel more sexual sensations than usual. 

According to Indian culture, the goal of tantric sex or tantric massage is to have a sexual experience that has no beginning or end.

Tantric massage involves your erogenous zones and genitals.

But the goal is not to achieve orgasm.

Orgasms or climaxes may happen during the massage process, but the focus is on giving and receiving pleasure from your partner.

These pleasurable feelings are not only felt during sex, 

but the feeling will last even after the sex is over and will always be remembered.

Isn’t it fun?

Tantra Massage in Bali

Tantric Sex Bali
Tantric Sex Bali

If you’re in Bali and want to learn Tantric massage, there are many Tantric Sex course providers.

We will talk later about what to do during Tantric massage and what massage points to do.

Not only courses but Tantra massage services are also widely available in Bali. 

Starting from local to international therapists, open services for Bali tantra massage.

But remember, if you use the help of a therapist to enjoy this type of massage, it does not mean that you will have sex with the therapist.

It is better to do this together with your lover so that after the Tantric Massage session, you can continue with an intimate session together.


Tantric Sex and Why We Should Try It

Tantra massage is something you and your partner can do together to help you bond more strongly and explore your partner’s sensitive spots and how to achieve sexual pleasure together.

This massage has many benefits for both physical and emotional health. 

Not only does it make you feel more comfortable, but tantric sex is considered to be able to make you feel more energized in your activities because it is said to reduce your psychological and nervous burden.

Keep in mind Tantric will work well and provide maximum sensation if you and your partner are open to communicating because that is the key.

Do it relaxed and slowly, enjoying every second you touch your partner’s body.

Remember! The main focus is on the benefits, experience and sensation of both of you, not on the orgasm.

Good luck

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