3 Top & Best Bali Massage Include Price

Bali Massage

If you are looking for Bali Massage, then we will unravel 3 of the best and affordable Massage Home Service Bali providers.

Massage and Spa in Bali has transformed into one of the tourist destinations in Bali. A lot of tourists both local and foreign include Spa or Massage sessions in the list of tourist destinations they will visit.

Traveling around Bali sometimes makes the body will feel tired and sore feet because of the activities you do during the tour, this is the reason massage sessions are needed at the end of a visit in Bali.

Massage Home Service Bali, is one of the most preferred services by tourists compared to having to come to a spa or massage place.

Ease and practicality are the main reasons, because you don’t need to bother going to a massage place or spa that can spend your time.

What Is Bali Massage ?

Bali Massage

Before we look at the 3 best massage places in Bali and how much a massage costs in Bali, it’s good to know first about Balinese Massage.

Bali Massage or Balinese Massage is a holistic treatment of the whole body, deep tissue, originating from Bali, Indonesia. It has its own distinctiveness compared to other traditional massages, combining various massage techniques such as gentle stretching, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy (qi) throughout your body.

The goal of receiving a Bali Massage is to give you a sense of comfort, calm, and deep relaxation.

This traditional Balinese massage is the right choice for those of you who want to experience various massage techniques, relax, or overcome physical problems after a tired vacation traveling around tourist destinations in Bali.

Balinese massage is usually done on a massage couch or floor mattress, and aromatherapy with special scented massage oils is an important part of the treatment, and can provide therapeutic benefits and calm your mind.

If you are asking if Balinese Massage is good ? The answer is of course! Bali massage is known for its relaxing and rejuvenating effects. It can help reduce stress and tension, improve sleep, and increase flexibility and range of motion.

So is a Balinese Massage session painful ? Some people may experience mild soreness after the massage, but overall, it is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Things to consider before booking Bali Massage

Massage Bali
Bali Massage
Massage Bali
Bali Massage

There are a lot of Bali Massage providers if you browse on the Internet, but do they all suit your needs? Of course not.

There are some things that you need to consider before ordering a Bali Massage, so that the results you expect can be fulfilled.

Trustworthiness of the Service Provider: Before booking an Bali Massage, it is very important to ensure that the provider is trustworthy and reputable. You can do this by checking online reviews and ratings, as well as verifying their credentials and qualifications. It’s also a good idea to choose a service provider that has been recommended by a friend or family member who has tried it before.

Safety and Security: Since you’ll be inviting strangers into your hotel room or villa in Bali, it’s important to prioritize your safety and security. Make sure you ask the service provider about the background of their therapist. Also, consider informing friends or family members about the appointment and sharing the service provider’s details.

Communication and Expectations: Before booking Bali Massage, it is important to clearly communicate your needs and expectations. Discuss the type of massage you prefer, specific areas you would like the therapist to focus on, and any health conditions or concerns you may have such as any parts of your body that have experienced injuries or cuts. This will help ensure that you get an experience that matches your expectations.

Preparation and Environment: To maximize your Bali Massage service, it is helpful to prepare your room or villa in advance. Create a calm and comfortable space where you will receive the massage, by dimming the lights, playing soothing music, and ensuring the temperature is appropriate will go a long way in creating a calm atmosphere. Remove all distractions, such as cell phones, tablets and laptops, and consider using aromatherapy or candles to enhance your relaxation during the massage session.

Payment and Gratuity: Before booking Massage Bali Service, make sure you are aware of payment options and policies. Some Bali on-call massage providers may require payment in advance or have special cancellation policies. However, most Bali in-home massage service providers apply a payment system after you have enjoyed the session.

Also, tipping the therapist for their services is common. Consider preparing cash as a payment method. Make sure you pay in Rupiah so that the exchange rate is not wrong.

Bali Massage
Massage Home Service Bali

3 Top & Best Bali Massage

We will try to summarize 3 reputable and experienced Massage Bali providers. All of this is based on the subjectivity of the author, and hopefully can provide a reference for you in choosing a suitable provider.

Mai Body

Massage Bali
Mai Body Bali Massage

One of Bali’s Home Massage Service providers with reliable and experienced therapists. Mai Body offers not too many types of massage, but believe me their therapists really understand the techniques given.

Mai Body is open 24 hours and the price of services provided by Mai Body is also relatively cheap and very affordable, for a Full Body & Reflexology massage session with a duration of 60 minutes only Rp. 175,000 / Hour. The price includes the cost of transporting the therapist to your location in Bali.

For the price of Balinese Massage at Mai Body itself is : Rp. 200,000/hour

For the booking process you only need to visit their website at www.maibody.my.id or you can directly contact them via phone or chat at +62817-7414-3560.

NOOB (Nature Of Our Bali)

Massage Bali
NOOB Bali Massage

If you are looking for a traditional Balinese massage, then we recommend NOOB. They are experts in traditional Balinese massage.

Their focus is on preserving Balinese culture and art which is applied in the form of performing arts such as Bali Mud Wrestling and Bali Mud Spa which has become an icon and known internationally.

Even Kim Kadarshian and her family came to visit their place and played Balinese mud martial arts.

NOOB is now opening a home-call massage service, selecting professional and experienced therapists is of course their priority.

The price offered is quite different from Mai Body, for a 90-minute Balinese Massage + Traditional Scrub + Face Massage session, NOOB offers prices starting from Rp. 500,000 / hour, including the cost of transportation for the therapist to your place.

For the booking process, you can contact them at +62811-9444-729 or see NOOB’s Google Business.

Jemari Bali

Massage Home Service Bali
Massage Home Service Bali
Massage Home Service Bali
Massage Home Service Bali

We are one of Bali’s Home Massage Service providers open 24 hours a day. Jemari has experienced therapists between 8 to 15 years in terms of massage and mastering various existing massage techniques.

We are an on-call massage service provider in Bali that combines massage techniques with Reiki Energy Healing so you will feel the maximum benefits of massage.

The prices we offer are also quite affordable with a variety of massage types. For one hour session of Full Body Massage and Reflexology Rp. 199,000/ hour. The price includes the cost of our therapist to your location.

We also offer the sensation of Balinese massage with experienced Balinese therapists so as to provide deep comfort and benefits for you, the price that Bali fingers offer is Rp. 250,000 / hour.

For the booking process, please contact us by phone or WhatsApp chat at +62811-281-407 for 24 hours.

Cost Bali Massage By Jemari Bali

We are committed to providing the best service for all our Bali Home Service Massage customers. Affordable prices and experienced Balinese massage therapists will be available to you in accordance with the service you choose.

Here is the price of Jemari Bali Massage Home Service

NoService60 Minutes90 Minutes
1.Balinese Massage Rp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
2.Full Body Massage + Aromatherapy Bali Massage Rp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
3.Full Body + Reflexology Bali MassageRp. 199.000Rp. 300.000
4.Full Body + Facial Accupressure Rp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
5.Full Body + Scrub Rp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
6.Full Body + Scraping Bali MassageRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
7.Foot Massage BaliRp. 199.000Rp. 250.000
8.Foot & Back Bali MassageRp. 199.000Rp. 250.000
9.Hot Stone Massage BaliRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
10.Herbal Massage BaliRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
11.Lomi Lomi Massage BaliRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
12.Baby & Mom Massage BaliRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
13.Pregnant Massage BaliRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
14.Deep Tissue Massage BaliRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
15.Thai Massage BaliRp. 400.000Rp. 550.000
16.Four Hand Massage BaliRp. 500.000Rp. 700.000
17.Balinese Massage+ Reiki Healing** Rp. 350.000Rp. 500.000
18.Dry MassageRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
* Baby 30 + Mom 60/90 Min **Balinese 60 / 90 Min+ Reiki 10 Min
Price is only for Massage Home Service Bali Cost – includes therapist’s transportation. Book: +62811281407

Does a Massage in Bali have to be tipped?

Bali Massage
Bali Massage
Bali Massage
Bali Massage

There are no fixed rules about tipping if you book a massage in Bali. Because all prices given are calculated and include the services of the therapist who serves you.

Let’s say you book a massage call to your hotel or villa in Bali with an expected price of IDR 200,000.

Then from that price the therapist already knows clearly how much they get for the massage session.

Tipping a massage is not a must, but if you feel the need and feel satisfied with the therapist’s service then there is nothing wrong with you giving extra money or tipping them.

How much tip for Bali Massage?

There is no limit to the amount of tipping you can give to a Bali massage therapist. Because this is your willingness only.

But many people say at least give 10% of the price you agreed.

But I’m sure all the therapists in Bali who serve Bali Massage are not too concerned about tips, for them giving the best for you is a pleasure.

So don’t worry too much about how much tipping you give if you book a Bali massage. It’s better to enjoy the sensation of massage from the skillful hands of reliable therapists in Bali.

Is Bali Massage cheap?

Bali Massage
Massage Home Service Bali
Massage Home Service Bali
Massage Home Service Bali

This is often asked by our friends who visit Bali. Most of them are hesitant to try massage because of the price.

When it comes to price, of course it’s relative. You may say that Bali massage is expensive but there are also those who say that the price offered is too cheap.

For us, the price is fair and reasonable. It all comes back to the location and the place where you order the Bali massage itself.

If you are staying at a 5-star hotel and book a massage then I can assure you that the price is much higher than what is available at a massage center or on-call massage service in Bali.

You can get a massage for only IDR 50,000 or approximately $4 and for the same type of massage you can pay IDR 700,000/hour or approximately $50.

it all depends on the place and the quality you will receive 🙂 and not necessarily more expensive prices have better quality therapists than cheaper ones.

So, our advice is to try a Bali massage within your budget and don’t insist on a 5-star massage if you think it’s too expensive.

What is the Cheapest Massage in Bali?

According to our experience, the cheapest type of massage for Home Service Bali Massage session is Foot Massage and Full Body Massage.

The price range offered for one massage session ranges from IDR 150,000 / hour to IDR 200,000 / hour.

Usually the price includes the cost of the therapist coming to your hotel or villa in the Bali area.

But what you need to remember when booking a Balinese Massage is the booking time. Why? because usually the Bali Massage Home Service provider will increase the price of the massage if you order above 10 pm to 6 am.

We think this is reasonable, because the therapists have to spend extra energy during their rest time.

The range of price increases varies depending on the policy given by the Bali Massage provider. But the norm is Rp. 50,000

Not all providers do this, but most 24-hour Bali massage providers do.

Bali Massage
Bali Massage

In conclusion , Bali Massage can range in price from budget-friendly options starting at $10 to high-end spa experiences costing up to $120. Tipping is not customary but can be done as a gesture of appreciation. If you’re looking for cheap massages, there are many affordable options available, with prices ranging from $7.50 to $10 for an hour-long massage.

It’s a good idea to order Massage Home Service Bali because it will be much more practical and not waste your time. 3 recommendations from us can be used as a reference for you to enjoy the sensation of Bali Massage!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to book a Bali massage, we are always ready to serve you 24 hours a day to provide comfort and deep relaxation for you.

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