Combine Full Body Massage Bali with These Types of Massage

Bali Full Body Massage by Jemari Bali

Full Body Massage Bali, As one of the ultimate ways to relax, one age-old practice stands above all others. More than just pampering sessions, full body massage provides a holistic experience revitalizing both body and mind.

This comprehensive guide will explore its nuances, providing insight beyond the surface level to ensure that your next full body massage not only soothes but transforms.

Unlocking the Magic of Full Body Massage

At the heart of any full body massage is an artistry of touch that transcends all techniques used. Experienced masseuses use everything from long strokes and targeted kneading strategies, targeting every muscle group precisely so tension dissipates, knots untie, and relaxation sets in.

Circulation as the Core of Wellness

One of the primary advantages of complete body massage therapy is its effect on circulation. Skilled hands move over your body, stimulating blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients directly to cells while flushing away toxins accumulated over time. Better circulation enhances overall wellness and gives rise to that radiant glow associated with regular massage.

Optimizing Your Full Body Massage Experience


Body Massage and Aromatherapy

Imagine infusing it with aromatherapy’s aromatic magic as an extra treat. This exquisite combination takes relaxation to new heights by engaging touch and scent.

Full Body Massage Bali
Full Body Massage Bali


Body Massage & Scrub

Body scrub massage, also known as an “Exfoliation Massage,” entails using an exfoliating scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells while relaxing the body’s muscles. This Full Body and Scrub Package is an effective way to maximize both massage and skin health benefits.

Full Body Massage Bali
Full Body Massage Bali


Body Massage & Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment focused on the feet. As we know, reflexology connects the toes to many nerves in the body;

By using the right pressure technique, you can balance your nerves and release endorphins to reduce stress and pain. Combining whole-body massage and reflexology techniques would produce optimal results.

Balinese Reflexology Massage Technique
Full Body Massage Bali


Body Massage and Facial Accupresure

Facial massage is a treatment method that applies pressure at specific points on the face for therapeutic benefits. Improve blood flow and relieve tension for both health and beauty benefits.

Combining both massage techniques will powerfully impact your entire body and circulation in your facial area.

Full Body Massage and Face Accupressure
Full Body Massage Bali


Full Body Massage and Scraping

Kerokan, or Keroken, as it is known in Indonesian, has been a popular alternative therapy throughout Southeast Asia and China. The Chinese call this “gua sha”. 

Scraping itself has several advantages that may help alleviate headaches, neck pain, and lower back discomfort, as well as overcome perimenopausal syndrome and similar disorders.

If you are challenged to try it have the therapist start with gentle regular rubbing first. Then you can increase the pressure.

Full Body Massage Bali

Full Body Massage Bali Price List in Jemari

If you would like to book a full-body massage, we offer an on-call massage service to your hotel or villa in Bali. This will allow you to experience the sensation of a full body massage right in your room.

Services60 Minutes90 Minutes
Full Body Massage Rp. 200.000Rp. 300.000
Full Body Massage and AromatherapyRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
Full Body Massage & ScrubRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
Full Body Massage & ReflexologyRp. 200.000Rp. 300.000
Full Body Massage and Facial AccupresureRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
Full Body Massage and ScrapingRp. 250.000Rp. 350.000
Prices apply for massage calls to your home, hotel or villa in Bali. Chat Us For Booked : +62811-281-407

bali massage
Full Body Massage Bali

Conclusion : Full Body Massage Bali

Few experiences can compare with the transformative power of a full-body massage for wellness purposes. Each session is tailored to your specific needs, from expert muscle manipulations to aromatic essential oils

Each session is tailored to your specific needs, from expert muscle manipulations to aromatic essential oils. Take note: embrace every touch, inhale aromatherapy notes and experience relaxation a la carte as the session plays out to leave you rejuvenated from head to toe!

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