Only 199K /Hour Massage Home Service Canggu ! 3 Most recommended types of massage Canggu

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Massage Home Service Canggu Open Everyday 24 Hours Start From Rp. 199.000/60 Minutes include therapist transport only at Jemari Bali.

The massage Canggu may be a service you need right now. It is especially if you are in Bali, Indonesia, right now whether for a vacation, business, or other purposes. 

Jemari Bali is one of the most popular massage services on the island. The good news is that now it is offering the on-call or home service to reach all clients in Bali.

It means that you can call them to come to your home, villa, hotel, guest house, or anywhere. Professional therapists are available in many areas in Bali so that they will come to you as soon as possible.

Bali Massage Canggu by Jemari Bali
Massage Canggu
Bali Massage Canggu by Jemari Bali
Massage Canggu

The Kinds of Professional Massage Home Service Canggu

Jemari Bali offers many options for this service. Here are some of them and more details about each massage that you can note.

The on-call massage service in Canggu provided by Jemari Bali is highly convenient for those currently in Bali, whether it be for leisure or business purposes.

With the option of on-call or home service, Jemari Bali ensures that their professional therapists can cater to clients’ needs at their preferred location, be it a private residence, hotel, villa, or guest house.

Clients can expect prompt service as Jemari Bali has a wide network of therapists available in various areas of Bali, enabling them to reach clients swiftly.

Jemari Bali offers a diverse range of massage options for their on-call service, ensuring that clients can choose the type of massage that best suits their preferences and needs.


Massage Home Service Canggu
Massage Canggu

Balinese Massage

Is it a type of session that you can enjoy for this massage on call Canggu from Jemari Bali? It has become one of the favorites of domestic and international tourists.

The Balinese massage pressure method uses the thumb and lower palm. In contrast to remedial, Thai, shiatsu, and spot massages which also use the elbows for pressure. 

This technique aims to improve blood circulation, for energy. It is a very relaxing method, perfect for resting the mind, relaxing tense muscles, stimulating the lymphatic system, and improving blood flow.


Massage Home Service Canggu
Massage Canggu

Deep Tissue

Have you ever heard about deep tissue before? The popularity of deep tissue is also because of the benefits that can be obtained from the technique used. 

Those are relaxing, increasing muscle flexibility, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving body posture. Overall, this option is very good for the body’s metabolism, helps the healing process, and improves overall health.

The therapist will use hard, slow pressure, and slow strokes. He may apply the right direct pressure, or shifting muscle layers for this massage home service Canggu from Jemari Bali.


Massage Canggu
Massage Canggu

Full Body Reflexology

It is a natural healing that will put you in a relaxed state. Most people will feel that their body is as light as a feather or like on the clouds. This session includes hot towels on your feet and also aromatherapy.

After that, it will be finished with tuning fork therapy. It will balance your energy and find a more balanced, harmonious feeling of being.

Besides that, full-body reflexology also has other benefits, such as relaxation, energy cleansing, body healing, and blood circulation improvement. It is also good for improving skin tone purpose, increasing mobility, and flexibility.

Duration and Other Massages Services

Jemari Bali divides this Massage Canggu into two different durations. Those are 60 minutes and 90 minutes long. You can choose the one that suits your needs.

The price starts from IDR 200K only, so it is very affordable. Besides the three massages above, some other services are also available as follows:

Pricelist Massage Canggu
Massage Canggu
  1. Foot massage
  2. Foot and Back
  3. Baby and Mom
  4. Full Body + Scrub
  5. Full Body + Scraping
  6. Pregnant Massage
  7. Full Body + Face acupressure
  8. Thai Massage
  9. Lomi Lomi
  10. Hot stone, etc

For more information about this massage home service Canggu from Jemari Bali, you can visit its website at There you can find information about the services, prices, contacts, and more.

Price List Massage Home Service Canggu

Massage prices in Canggu do vary from Rp. 60.000 to millions of rupiah. If you are confused about finding a massage place that suits your budget, Jemari Bali provides the best prices for massage home service to your hotel or villa in the Canggu area.

Our prices are affordable with selected therapists and decades of experience who can provide the best service for you. 

NoService60 Minutes90 Minutes
1.Balinese Massage Rp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
2.Full Body Massage + Aromatherapy CangguRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
3.Full Body + Reflexology CangguRp. 200.000Rp. 300.000
4.Full Body + Facial Accupressure CangguRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
5.Full Body + Scrub CangguRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
6.Full Body + Scraping CangguRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
7.Foot Massage CangguRp. 200.000Rp. 250.000
8.Foot & Back CangguRp. 200.000Rp. 250.000
9.Hot Stone Massage CangguRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
10.Herbal Massage CangguRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
11.Lomi Lomi Massage CangguRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
12.Baby & Mom Massage CangguRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
13.Pregnant Massage CangguRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
14.Deep Tissue Massage CangguRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
15.Thai Massage CangguRp. 400.000Rp. 550.000
16.Four Hand Massage Rp. 500.000Rp. 700.000
17.Balinese Massage+ Reiki Healing** CangguRp. 350.000Rp. 500.000
18.Dry Massage CangguRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
* Baby 30 + Mom 60/90 Min **Balinese 60 / 90 Min+ Reiki 10 Min
Price is only for Massage Canggu Area – includes therapist’s transportation. Book: +62811281407

Book Your Session Massage Home Service Canggu Now

Are you ready to book your session with Jemari Bali? If it is so, you can book from its website or contact the numbers, email, etc, that are available on website.

Jemari Bali therapists are available in many areas on that island. You can book the session 24/7 and there is no additional fee for transportation.

The therapists are professional and well-experienced they have prepared all the tools for messages. So, call Jemari Bali right now to book your Massage Canggu.

Massage Canggu
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