Massage Home Service Jimbaran for Mom and Baby

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The massage home service Jimbaran is suitable for you who live or stay in that area during your activities in Bali, Indonesia. The question is, what company that provides this on-call service?

It is Jemari Bali that has been in this industry for years. It has a lot of qualified and professional therapists who are located in almost most areas in this beautiful island. 

The Mom and Baby Massage is also available for you and your little one. Find out more about this treatment here and book a session as soon as possible with Jemari Bali.

massage home service Jimbaran
Massage Jimbaran
massage home service Jimbaran
Massage Jimbaran

What is Mom and Baby Massage?

This massage home service Jimbaran is specially made for Mom and Baby. It is suitable for the new mom and her newborn; and also for mother who already has toddlers.


babby-massage Jimbaran
Massage Jimbaran

Baby Massage Jimbaran

Baby massage is a touch of love as a type of multisensory stimulation that can encourage optimal development and growth of the baby. It is especially for her/his first 1000 days of the golden period.

A baby massage routine has many benefits for both baby and mother, such as:

  • Facilitate healthy blood circulation
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Facilitates baby’s digestion by increasing appetite, digesting and absorbing food, thereby helping increase baby’s weight
  • Helps babies to relax, sleep better and longer
  • Helps relieve discomfort (colic, teething)
  • Helps strengthen bone mass
  • Increases the baby’s emotional bond with parents because it increases the production of the hormone oxytocin for the baby and also the mother (a hormone that makes you feel comfortable and loved


Massage On Call Jimbaran
Massage Jimbaran

Mom Massage Jimbaran

It is a massage on call Jimbaran service from Jemari Bali that is popular. Massage is an essential treatment for a mother who has just given birth.

It must be done with the right pressure and movement to make a mom feel relaxed. This treatment can reduce stress, aches, and cramps, and make your muscles relax.

Aches after giving birth can also subside because the production of endorphins increases when the body is massaged. This hormone is effective in relieving pain.


The Duration of This Massage Home Service Jimbaran

Massage Home Service Jimbaran

Jemari Bali provides two different durations for Mom and Baby Massage (also for other treatments). Here are the details for that duration.

  1. 60 Minutes. (30 Minutes for the Baby and 60 Minutes for the Mom)
  2. 90 Minutes (30 Minutes for the Baby and 90 Minutes for the Mom)

The price starts from IDR 350 K for a session. Choosing this massage on call Jimbaran from Jemari Bali is the right decision for the mother and her baby. All therapists understand massage techniques since the different movements and pressures must be based on certain treatments. Besides that, the equipment and essential oils will be different too.

Jemari Bali opens this service or treatment every day. You can also choose the gender of the therapist. Jemari Bali will recommend the closest one so that you don’t need to wait for so long.

Are There Any Other Massage Options?

Yes, of course, because Jemari Bali is a leading massage service that has a lot of experience. You can try its various treatments such as full body reflexology, deep tissue, Balinese massage, Javanese massage, and so on.

Besides that, for you who want to have a simple massage home service Jimbaran, foot massage only or Foot + Back can be the right option. If you are still pregnant, Jemari Bali also has a special massage session for a pregnant woman.

Please explore more about those treatments, prices, duration, and everything through its website: You can order from Jimbaran or wherever you stay in Bali.

Massage Jimbaran
Massage Jimbaran

Pricelist Massage Home Service Jimbaran

Jemari is always committed to providing affordable prices and the best quality service for you. Here are the prices for mobile massage services in the Jimbaran areas by Jemari.

NoService60 Minutes90 Minutes
1.Balinese Massage Rp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
2.Full Body Massage + Aromatherapy Rp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
3.Full Body + Reflexology Rp. 199.000Rp. 300.000
4.Full Body + Facial Accupressure Rp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
5.Full Body + Scrub Rp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
6.Full Body + Scraping Rp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
7.Foot Massage Rp. 199.000Rp. 250.000
8.Foot & Back Rp. 199.000Rp. 250.000
9.Hot Stone Massage JimbaranRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
10.Herbal Massage Rp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
11.Lomi Lomi Massage JimbaranRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
12.Baby & Mom Massage JimbaranRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
13.Pregnant Massage JimbaranRp. 250.000Rp. 300.000
14.Deep Tissue Massage JimbaranRp. 350.000Rp. 400.000
15.Thai Massage JimbaranRp. 400.000Rp. 550.000
16.Four Hand Massage JimbaranRp. 500.000Rp. 700.000
17.Balinese Massage+ Reiki Healing** JimbaranRp. 350.000Rp. 500.000
18.Dry Massage Ubud JimbaranRp. 300.000Rp. 350.000
* Baby 30 + Mom 60/90 Min **Balinese 60 / 90 Min+ Reiki 10 Min
Price is only for Massage Jimbaran – includes therapist’s transportation. Book: +62811281407

Do you want other treatments? Then try the Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, Herbal, up to Balinese + Reiki Energy Healing with Jemari Bali. Book your massage Jimbaran session now and feel the best treatment ever.


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